Ethno Restaurant


There is, at your service, a small area with a kitchen stove called "odzaklije" where you can make your own food.

The Food is entirely made in an old-fashioned way, just like in times when there was no electric current; It is prepared exclusively in a kitchen stove, pastel, barbecue and grill, and the meals are braised on classic stove called "Smederevac" which is very popular in Serbia and all these are wood burning stoves! In the mountainous ethno house "Horizon" you can taste some long-forgotten meals from our great-grandmothers' kitchen, you can enjoy in various, traditional meals and barbecue, for which the meat they use is prepared just like in times when there had not been any machine for milling the meat. All meals are served in earthenware. You can eat meals like smoked ham, some thick sour cream and cheese which are made on Goc mountain, homemade sausage, fritters, cornbread, pies "gibanica" and "guzvara" (both of which stand out as some of the specialties in Serbia), from the typical dish which are carried by shepherds in their manacles when the livestock is taken to pasture.

In "Horizont" you can organize all types of family or business celebrations, as well as private meetings.

There is a space in ethno apline house "Horizont" for 330 guest. The restaurant sutable for 80 guests, and in closed balcony can fit up to 250 people.

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